August 2016

We have been invited to attend the ET finals in Mission this year.  Anyone who raced in 2015 is eligible to race for the Team.  There is no ROC for Team Eagle but all the gamblers races and the team race are open to us.  I have started a facebook thread and a forum thread.  Please let us know if you wish to attend.  The cost is 95 dollars US and it runs the long weekend in September.  As this will be the very last time Eagle and the Plex will be represented anywhere as a team you might want to be a part of history.  The last for the Plex.  54 team members in total with 2 Junior Street for the first time ever.  Let me know if you want to come along for the ride.    Cheers Sue McKay

April 27 2016
It is with a heavy heart that on this day I must make the announcement that after more than 28 years of operation, Eagle Motorplex is shutting the gates and closing the doors. The chief and council held a vote yesterday and voted to cease the operation of the drag strip. The past few years have seen a declining car count and numerous technical and mechanical issues that have led to not only expensive repairs but the issue of finding qualified personnel who are able to repair our facility. The band has decided to close the facility and do so as early as possible to allow racers to change their schedules and hopefully save their racing program for the year. We are saddened that the Langley Loafer Race and the CMDRA race will be cancelled at the Plex but hopefully they will be able to salvage this season somewhere else. We wish everyone success in the future and want to thank all those who supported the track over the past 29 years. Good luck to one and all. Sue McKay

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